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Does your business have the need for performing online payment transactions?

Such as "Dankort", Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa, etc?

Do you want the possibility of hosting the system yourself?

And the possibility of having it being hosted?

And the possibility for "partial" refund?

Then please read on!!

HITCON now delivers a payment service - named LogicPay (http://www.logicpay.com). The product support the following cards:

Key Benefits

  • You can perform authorize, capture and refund from your own system (using the pre-built client packages).
  • Support for multiple cards - listed above.
  • CVC (Creditcard Verification Code) support.
  • Explain messages on available action codes.
  • WAP access (demo available): DEMO
  • Client packages for Linux (Intel and S/390) and Windows are available.
  • Server packages for Linux (Intel and S/390) are available.
  • Web frontend for business monitoring and manual capture.
  • Full and partial refund supported, both from transactions and web frontend.
  • HITCON can provide hosting for the gateway - or you can host it yourself.
  • Multiple merchant agreement support.
  • Multi User/Terminal support.
  • SSL encrypted communication (128 bit) between all points.
  • Fully encrypted database for security support (128 bit).


Available at: Screenshots of LogicPay

Application Logon

Available (for defined users) at: LogicPay Frontend




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