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IBM wanted to determine the bandwidth of a currently operational transaction system (NTF). This included a test on a transactions system consisting of RS/6000 frontend nodes connected to a backend S/390 legacy transaction system.
UBS was building up an Enterprise DataWarehouse (EDW), based on a multinode AIX SP cluster and Universal DataBase (UDB) as the database platform. HITCON provided application development skills for security applications, document generators, etc.
UBS also utilized the Performance Test Tool for applying a load test allowing the product evaluation of a UDB load level handling product (Query Patroller).
IBM needed performance consultancy for a transaction processor based on AIX SP cluster, OS/390, IP and SNA. HITCON provided performance skills for measurements and assisted in defining problem areas. IBM wanted to perform an in-depth performance evaluation before deployment.
Proactive Software's Videlity product needed a thorough performance evaluation before releasing the product to an "early-client". Proactive had a client basing the product on Linux S/390. A 10 days test was carried out in the IBM Böblingen lab. And all the collected data was analyzed later ensuring that the clients requirement for the transaction load could be sustained on the configured S/390.
The Videlity product needed a thorough performance evaluation before releasing the product for general availability. This includes a performance (ground zero), durability and stress test on a 28 node Intel Linux cluster.
HITCON provided consulting services for several of Telia's customers. Focus was stress testing and porting of client applications to the Telia Linux S/390 server. Database designs for for Linux S/390 was carried out, and porting included usage of C, php and Java as the programming languages.
Nestlé is completing an ETL project, and required UDB/EEE skills on the AIX pSeries platform. This included stabilizing, testing, performance optimization, tuning and configuration. 
DMdata required a DBA for adhoc work on the distributed platform - including AIX, Linux (intel, S390), Sun and Windows platforms (version 6,7 and 8). Lots of replication and TSM challenges/configuration.



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