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Detailed History for Ole Holmskov:

Sep 91 - Starts working in IBM in Denmark.

Develops generic module and provides assistance in various projects developing reuse modules.

Jun 93 - Develops a software distribution system for internal usage.

Jun 94 - Builds a DPL (Denied Party List) analyzer as a master thesis on the OS/2 platform.

Jan 95 - Obtains a masters degree in electrical engineering (software as the primary focus). Starts working full time as a trainee at IBM.

Completes the development cycle of the DPL analyzer and completes port to OS/400, AIX, MVS and VM.

Starts having on call support for DBA work on DB2- MVS, including ad hoc support, troubleshooting, performance tuning, etc. for developers and operational staff.

Oct 95 - Promoted to associate level.

Jan 96 - Develops a credit card clearing interface to a Danish clearing entity (PBS). Working as teamlead and lead developer.

Oct 96 - Project manager for establishing a presence on the internet for IBM Software Distribution and Fulfillment in Denmark. Responsible for both hardware and systems software on the AIX platform.

Jun 97 - Moved to CIO staff function in order to complete a internet application development platform. Teamlead for a minor Internet group consisting of 8 people. 

Aug 97 - Gets responsibility of all AIX platforms and the architecture design for all of the distributed environment.

Aug 97 - Sent to Stockholm, Sweden for validation of management skills (LDC, Leadership Compentencies). Achieves outstanding grades and remarks, and "is certainly management material".

Dec 97 - Promoted to Systems Analyst. Moved back to IBM Global Services (IGS), after completion of the Internet group's assignment. Work continues with the application architecture for the Global Merchant architecture.

Apr 98 - Promoted to advisory level and moved back to the business side working primarily on performance tuning, modeling and monitoring of GM - and again ad hoc trouble shooting. 

May 98 - Nominated for the Senior Technical Staff Member program in IBM (STSM).

Oct 98 - Left IBM in order to initiate new job position in Switzerland.

Nov 98 - Started as an external IT consultant in UBS in Switzerland.        Working at a datawarehouse project at the AIX-SP platform. Primary focus is DB2 admin.

Mar 99 - Starts working with security related items for the datawarehouse project in UBS. Develops setuid control programs, view technology, etc.

Oct 99 - Starts working on performance tuning and stress testing related items in the datawarehouse project.

Mar 00 - Moves back to Denmark. Starts the HITCON company. Working for  IBM as an external consultant. Durability and stress testing of Global Merchant implementation.

Jul 00 - Starts working in Proactive Software (co-founder). Working as manager of IT infrastructure, having the responsibility for the entire infrastructure, databases, network, development platform, transaction kernel development, translation tools, configuration, service development, etc.

Nov 00 - Files the patent for a "generic transaction server". 

Jan 01 - Performance test of the Videlity Beta Transaction Server on a 28 nodes Intel Linux cluster.

Apr 01 - Starts porting the Videlity product to Linux S/390 - using SuSE as the distribution. This includes various components C and Java programs, DB2 database migration, Apache, Tomcat, SSL configuration, porting of the Cashcow module (credit card clearing), etc.

Jun 01 - Performance tests and verifications of the ported Linux S/390 application is carried out on the IBM Böblingen Lab.

Aug 01 - Joins the IBM partner World Focus group to evaluate IBM partner offerings.

Oct 01 - Implementation of S/390 Linux infrastructure together with IBM, Denmark and deployment of the Videlity product. 

Nov 01 - First installation on Linux S/390 of the Videlity product suite.

May 02 - Assist Telia Customers in porting various applications to Linux S/390.

May 02 - Obtains the "IBM Certified Specialist, DB2 UDB V6.1/V7.1 User" certification.

May 02 - Obtains the "IBM Certified Solutions Expert, DB2 UDB V7.1 Database administration for UNIX, Linux, Windows and OS/2" certification.

Jun 02 - Conducts a performance test for a Telia Customer - identifying bottlenecks in applications, IO and database systems (testing both DB2/UDB and MySQL).

Jun 02 - Obtains the "IBM Certified Solutions Expert, DB2 V7.1 Family Application Development" certification.

Jul 02 - Performs an application port test with IBM Dallas for their Linux on pSeries.

Jul 02 - Starts working for Nestlé (Switzerland) as DBA on UDB/EEE for AIX on a ETL project, stabilizing, performance problems, tuning and configuration. Starts working with the Informatica framework.

Aug 02 - Obtains the "IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert, DB2 Cluster" certification.

Sep 02 - Works on LogicPay solution for Linux 390 2.4.7 kernel problem related to compiler compatibility problems (position independent code). Problem is found and closed at the beginning of October.

Oct 02 - Obtains the "IBM Certified Solutions Expert, Business Intelligence" certification.

Oct 02 - Obtains the "Informatica Certified Administrator" certification.

Nov 02 - Installs Oracle9i on Linux S/390. Migrates an Oracle 8i to 9i from a Sun platform.

Jan 03 - Build Informatica, DB2 client and DB2 server software packages for distribution.

Mar 03 - Obtains the "Oracle Certified Associate" certification.

Mar 03 - Obtains the "IBM Certified Database Associate – DB2 Universal Database V8.1 Family" certification.

Apr 03 - Obtains the "IBM DB2 UDB V8.1 Database Administrator for Linux, Unix and Windows" certification.

Apr 03 - Obtains the "Informatica Certified Designer" certification.

Apr 03 - Obtains the "Informatica Certified Consultant" certification.

May 03 - Obtains the "IBM Certified Solution Designer - DB2 Business Intelligence V8.1"

May 03 - Obtains the "IBM Certified Application Developer - DB2 Universal Database V8.1 Family".

Jul 03 - Starts working at Nestlé's European data center.

Aug 03 - Obtains the "IBM Certified Advanced Administrator - DB2 Universal Database v8.1 for Linux, Unix and Windows.

Aug 03 - Passes the "DB2 Problem Determination Mastery" exam.

Sep 03 - Receives the 2003 IBM Start Now Complementary Certification

Dec 03 - Switches DB2 backups to use TSM. Configuration of shared DB2 userexit.

Jan 04 - Setup new ODBC-ODBC Bridge connectivity for Informatica (using non-standard product).

Apr 04 - Does a short term contract for DMData (DB2 DBA on distributed platforms – Windows, SUN, AIX).

Jul 04 - Returns for Nestle.

Aug 04 - Works on new setup for parallel loading for Nestle (db2split in EE environment in order to load in multiple streams).

Sep 04 - Develop a restore application and health-checking scripts for use in Informatica. All driven from a DB2 configuration table. Defines active/passive configuration, stops relevant processes, restores rep files, creates users/groups from os level groups, insert connection infos, sets access and permissions, etc.

Dec 04 - Create factory script for creation of new databases for new markets.

Jan 05 - Developed an alternative way of using sequencers in Informatica, in order to keep the values in the DBMS rather than in the repository, since that causes problems upon propagation from one environment to another.

Feb 05 - Connection problems for ODBC (over Easysoft brige) to Oracle 7,8,8i and 9i.

Mar 05 - Testing of Oracle RAC on Linux and FW (lab setup).

Mar 05 - Elected as speaker on DB2 IDUG conference in Berlin October 2005. Will speak on "To Commit - or not To commit". A presentation on various performance issues related to optimal commitscopes.

Apr 05 - Back helping IBM out with DB2 on Distributed platform.

Apr 05 - Builds an application for table synchronization system between Dev, QA, Prep and Prod. Keeps data in the tables and applies changes - based on the table source from the parent system.

May 05 - Datamodelling of new Middleware configuration project.

May 05 - Attached to an IBM project - tuning and supporting 32-way AIX/Pseries OLTP environment running CICS and DB2. Build script for using the index advisor against a table and "auto-suggesting" indexes.

May 05 - Done DB2 V7-V8 migrations on AIX, Linux and Windows. Various 64bit Linux problems.

Jun 05 - Establish new lab setup of Linux using Informatica Powercenter 7 and DB2 (eventually testing Oracle as well).

Jul 05 - FTP connectivity problems with Informatica. Related to server timeouts and retransmits.

Jul 05 - Performance problems in Documentum. Missing indexes. Resulted in dramatic performance improvement.

Jul 05 - Building test-migration platform on Informatica Version 7 - evaluating benefits and comparing version 7 to version 6.

Aug 05 - Developing a DB2 SQL PL procedure for storing statistics on DB2 version 8 - in order to support capturing which application does to many "Rows read" (symptom of missing index).

Aug 05 - Creating an auto-restore version of the Informatica shadow restore. This way - a refresh of a repository is initiated automatically upon a receive of the new rep file from any upstream environment.





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