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Key Areas

  • Application and System Programming in C, including DB programming (ODBC and embedded SQL).
  • DB2/UDB expertise on AIX and Linux (EE and EEE - multiple certifications obtained), DB2 for OS/390 and DB2 for Linux S/390.
  • Unix Systems Operations (backup, restore, scripting, monitoring, etc.)
  • Informatica architecture setup, development and deployment.
  • Porting of applications (Java, C, Perl, KSH, etc.)
  • Linux on Intel (installation, configuration, programming, etc.)
  • Linux on S/390 (installation, configuration, programming, etc.)
  • Performance testing/evaluation.
  • Configuration of cross-platform development: Building Linux S/390 development platforms (using emulators) on the cheaper Intel Hardware. "They are fully compatible". Ideal for development and functional testing.



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